Pasifika Australia Care (PAC) has been founded specifically to enhance the performance of candidates once arriving on the job in Australia.

This journey begins in the originating home country with holistic care packages. 


Offshore/In Country

  • Identifying and examining suitable candidate(s) who are physically and medically fit,
  • Identify, examine and addressing existing injuries and medical/health concerns in country
  • Specific medical assessment for specific Industry preparation, e.g., Pre-Employment medicals/ Q Fever vaccination,
  • Deliver Industry or AE inductions pre-departure.¬† E.g., HACCAP/ Food prep and Food handling/ Hygiene training.¬† Manual Handling, managing infectious diseases¬† etc.
  • Increase worker knowledge and better access to medical and healthcare services in Australia
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • AUD bank account establishment, phones etc., ATO /Tax file/ Super requirements.
  • Deliver a job ready candidate.
  • Improving workforce skills.


  • Focused enhance employee engagement from day one
  • Reduced initial transit/ down time
  • Management worker welfare issues
  • Increase productivity
  • Support families who plan to join their spouse under the PALM Scheme 4-year visa
  • Increase and better engage people with disabilities
  • Allow AEs and Host Employers (HEs) to better engage offshore workers; and
  • Streamline access to recognised community networks

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